The plot surrounding the Harvey Weinstein case thickens. Ronald S. Sullivan Jr, who recently joined Harvey Weinstein's counsel, found himself at the door when Harvard University fired him following internal pressures from many students. Both the professor, who acted as Dean, and his wife, Stephanie Robinson, were long-time lecturers at the prestigious university. Sullivan Jr. had been a faculty dean of Harvard University's Winthrop House, a residential college catering to undergraduate students since 2009. Upon his appointment, Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. made strides as the first African-American faculty dean in the school's history. 

The latter was quite the achievement until Sullivan ruined his streak by joining the defense counsel of shamed Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein. The dean joined the team in January to the dismay of many students and faculty staff. The latter, according to the outraged, reflected poorly on the dean as he had chosen to represent an individual notoriously known to abuse women. According to the NY Times, Sullivan's career choice made him "no longer qualified to serve in a role of support and mentorship to students."

To note, Harvey Weinstein is due in court soon, with his trial commencing in June at a Manhattan court. He is to answer rape and sexual assault charges amongst other sex-related crimes.