Harvey Weinstein is officially back in custody at New York City's main jail complex, Riker's Island after suffering from chest pains following his infamous conviction. Back in Feb., the former movie mogul was found guilty of third-degree rape for attacking former actress Jessica Mann and a felony sex crime for forcing his former-production assistant, Mimi Haley to perform oral sex on Weinstein. Since then, Weinstein has been hospitalized on numerous occasions, underwent heart surgery, took a nasty fall at Riker's, and even sent a death threat Jennifer Aniston's way since his conviction.Harvey Weinstein Going Back To Prison After Health Crisis Rachel Murray/Getty Images

On March 11, Weinstein was sentenced to a total of 23 years in prison after being convicted guilty for rape and sex crime acts. Which eventually led to his blood pressure rising dangerously high causing him to be hospitalized. Now, according to Page Six, Weinstein was discharged from Bellevue Hospital on Monday afternoon (March 16) and is back at his new home for the next two-plus decades. 

During his initial trial, Weinstein allegedly sent chocolate-covered penises to one of his accusers, had his genitals detailed as prepubescent-like, had a "golden shower" incident vividly described in the courtroom, and had his nudes exposed to the juror panel

Despite his outlandish behavior and health complications, he will never be able to escape the fact that he is a convicted rapist and has to serve the time for his actions. Hopefully, nothing leads to his early demise while in prison at the moment, not because a portion of the population believes he's a slimeball, but because he also has pending sexual assault charges in Los Angeles that have a trial begin. Stick with us as the Harvey Weinstein judicial saga continues to surge forward.