Nude photos of Harvey Weinstein was presented to jurors in his rape and sexual assault trial this Tuesday, Vulture reports. A courtroom sketch revealed a full-frontal nude shot of the disgraced producer but will not be put on the public record. Aside from prosecutors and jurors, two sketch artists were seated in the right side of the courtroom and were able to get a glimpse of these photos.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi discussed the photos earlier this month, telling the court that there was never intention to humiliate the defendant because “the defense is particularly sensitive about some exhibits.”

“It is not the practice of the District Attorney’s Office to ever … humiliate [a] defendant,” Illuzzi said. “There were 72 photographs taken, and we’re going to be asking for the admission of seven of them.” 

The D.A.'s office photographer was brought to the witness stand for questioning on the photos. Per Vulture.

“On June 18, 2018, did you take photographs of Harvey Weinstein?,” Illuzzi asked.

“Yes,” responded Yakov Mantelman, the photographer.

“Do you see Harvey Weinstein in court today?”


“Have you had an opportunity to review those photographs?”


“Do they fairly and accurately represent how the defendant looked on June 18 of 2018?”

Mantelman again answered yes.

Weinstein's defense opposed to the photos being submitted to the jury's but Illuzzi was able to get Justice James Burke to allow solely the jury to review the images. After the hearing, Weinstein was asked whether the photos were of him. “No, it was Playboy,” he replied.