Fans have been looking forward to copping the new Mobb Deep album. Last March, Havoc had told the public to expect a new project "by the end of the year" but the album has yet to be released. The rapper recently sat down with Acton Entertainment to discuss the matter.

"That was a touchy situation because, obviously, the family has to be involved, and I didn't want to do something selfish as in making a Mobb Deep album so fast [...] making it like I wanna benefit off of my friend's death," Havoc said." So I wanna give it time. I wanna give the family time. It's not up to me. It's up to the family."

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Both parties are still in mourning. Given Prodigy's passing, the production of the upcoming project is emotionally charged. Havoc wants to make sure that the new album gets the family's approval. "They'll have 100% input in it. The perfect scenario for me is to have them there in the studio while I'm creating it to get their input," he mused. "I want to make sure that their happy with what I put forth [...] and make P happy."

Havoc also plans to release the project independently "to keep the catalog in the family." He also confirms that it will include features to keep up Mobb Deep's tradition.