A few days ago, rapper Hazel-E jumped on social media and insinuated that City Girls copied one of her tracks. She claims that their 2018 hit "Act Up" is eerily similar to her 2017 single "Actin Up," and she even played the songs simultaneously to prove her point. Yung Miami responded a few times, stating that she nor JT stole anything from anyone, and since then the ladies have been ensnared in insult-fueled Instagram drama.

"We never heard a song by the ugly ass b*tch!!!!!" Yung Miami wrote. "That surgery going to that hoe head!!!" Hip hop artist LightSkinKeisha was pulled into the beef between Hazel-E and Yung Miami, and everything spiraled into chaos. "Y’all please tell Big Nosey E to leave me alone, she don’t want no smoke," Keisha wrote. "I like to fight in real life. Nosey you a grown ass man chasing clout, that sh*t still ain’t gone do none for yo trash ass career. Love and hip hop ain’t cutting checks nomo so the poor man had to go over seas to sell dat old p*ssy. you was just a fannn, now you madddd. B*TCH KEEP CALMMM ‼️"

Hazel-E shared a photo and said that Keisha looked like Fire Marshal Bill, while Keisha posted pictures saying Hazel-E looked like Ernest P. Worrell from the Ernest Goes to... films. Model Winnie Harlow commented on one of LightSkinKeisha's posts simply stating, "Keisha...nooooooo" with a crying emoji face, but somehow Hazel-E took offense and went in on the Victoria's Secret Angel.

"Look here 101 Dalmatians," Hazel-E wrote. "In real life if Tyra Banks didn't feel sorry for your malnourished ass, no one would know you! Pipe down salt n pepa." Winnie took the classy route when she crafted her response by writing, "Lord...i like Keisha and don't like her in this silly back and forth. Noo...as in stop. Too petty."