Every person is going to react differently when someone slides into their partner's DMs. It becomes especially disrespectful when people publicly know that you're an item and that type of disrespect can set someone off. Well, former Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood star Hazel-E says "Ima put this black widow hoe on blast before she even starts with the bs." "Black Widow", otherwise known as Celina Powell has been known for some infamous private relations with Offset, Dwight Howard and Fetty Wap.

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Hazel-E is both engaged to her man Devon Waller and expecting her first child with him. In addition to putting Black Widow on blast, she also straight up told her "bitch stay out of my husbands dm." It doesn't get more clear than that.

Powell struck back with, "First of all bitch ya husband been thirsty on my shitt & don’t worry I have his number dumb ass." Obviously, from there, things did not calm down with Hazel-E's response saying, "call him see if it works hoe. You gone play ya self fuckin with me. To many n****s have warned about u.”

Hey, if you don't protect your love...who will? Hazel-E is starting a family with this man, obviously, she is going to put anyone threatening that in check.