Have you ever found yourself equipped with the most fire Instagram photo, without having the right caption to match? Two graduates hailing from historically Black colleges may have provided you with the solutions to your problems. Juwon Nickolson and JaBre Jennings of Maryland Eastern Shore University are the Baltimore-based creators of the innovative Caption Any Photo app.

Carl Court/Getty Images

The free and user-friendly app provides users with instant photo captions. The latter may be chosen from a slew of different categories such as breakups, girls night out and homecoming season. Considerably, song lyrics are also part of the categories which may be chosen to generate the fire caption you were looking for. In addition, for the creative ones with undeniable skills for caption creations, you may even add your own captions to the app's server. 

Furthermore, the unique app also offers a business component by giving users information on the best time to post their shot for high social media engagement. Precisely, through set reminders, the app notifies a user of the peak engagement times so they can post accordingly. Moreover, the business partners are currently discussing the addition of a subscription service which will serve companies and brands. The two may have just successfully solved a first-world problem. Will you be trying their app?