A new Game of Thrones poster was published today, giving the series' fans yet another the reason to pick up their dribble. As you'll see depicted below,  the new poster is comprised of mashed-up elements.

At the bottom of the poster, the marketing dept. boldly includes the words "The Final Season," a message that'll serve two ends: drum up interest in the climactic ending, while also running the risk of upsetting the more insatiable fans. But in all honesty, those worrywarts will be tuning in, no matter the wreckage.

If it came down to a vote, Game of Thrones would be subjected to an eternal production run, the site locations in Northern Ireland, Spain etc. closed off to the public, without so much as a recursive plan.

On the flip side, the mashed-up elements on the poster are equally enticing. The Iron Throne foreshadows plenty of chaos, the glare coming from the dragon's eyes, Daenerys' personal steed, a portentous symbol for those rooting for the Targaryen to come out unscathed, or at least on the winning side. That doesn't even account for the GOT fans so barbaric they brandish the color red in support of anything violent or characterized by morbidity. Where do you stand among the sects I've just listed, comment below?