The plight of rappers unable to escape the lure of the streets, and those that succumb to the pitfalls of celebrity, is an issue that spans generations of music, from Tupac, to James Brown, back on through to Chuck Berry.  Chief Keef has emerged on the rap scene out of nowhere, like a squad of guerilla soldiers bombarding a Special Forces unit in a Peruvian jungle.   “Young and brash” does not even begin to describe the raw talent and pull of Keef who is a representative of the violent Chicago streets. 

After multiple viral hits, and enough co-signs you would think this was a petition, the Interscope artist’s debut studio effort, Finally Rich, fell relatively flat.  This could be due to the 17 year old being in and out of court, and eventually re-incarcerated shortly after the LP hit retailers.  Now, facing a seemingly manageable two months at a Youth Detention Center, the future is still bright and limitless for the Chi-town native, but if he continues down the path he followed leading up to his sentence then he could be the next Max B, instead of the next rapper carrying the torch for Chicago.   

Here we present the "12 Trials & Tribulations Of Chief Keef", a look at the news stories over the past five months that detailed the missteps, poor decisions, and just bad luck the teenage rapper endured leading up to his two month sentence.