It is being reported that a helicopter crashed atop a building in Midtown Manhattan today. There are very few details at the moment but witnesses are said to have heard rumblings in the area, noticing heavy amounts of smoke coming from an office building. The crash landing reportedly took place atop a building at 787 7th Ave, which was confirmed by the New York Fire Department. 

The helicopter was initially described as an airplane but recent reports make it clear that it was a helicopter. As we previously mentioned, there are no details regarding the people involved in the crash or any injuries or fatalities. Those near the scene of the crash have been posting photos and videos of the aftermath. It appears as though the aircraft crashed into the office building's roof. Right now, several emergency vehicles are on the scene, investigating what went down.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has already addressed the crash, saying, "The only indication was a helicopter had to do an emergency or a hard landing, or crashed onto the rooftop of a building...There's no indication of anything more than that."

As more information becomes available, we will update you. For now, stay safe.