Summit Entertainment's Hellboy, another attempt to bring the iconic character to the big screen, has seen its release date pushed back three months. Originally slated for a January 11th opening, the film now finds itself a summer contender with an April 12th release. This puts it in competition with Warner Bros. and DC Comics' Shazam!, which opens a week earlier on April 5th. Moving the film back could signify confidence in the project's box office viability, as January is generally considered to be a purgatorial period.

The new iteration comes after two previous films that starred Ron Pearlman in the titular role, released in 2004 and 2008, respectively.  David Harbour of Stranger Things fame will put on the red body paint and wield absurdly large guns this go around, with Game of Thrones' Neil Marshall attached as director.  

Details surrounding the plot are rather scarce, but we do know the story was penned Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola, the latter of whom created the character in the first place. This should give fans hope going into the theater. The Hellboy crew will stop at New York Comic Con next week, leading to speculation that their appearance could mark the first trailer for the project.