This is not a drill!

Nearly a year ago, Rihanna counted herself among the growing base of loyal fans devoted to the beautiful sounds of the enigmatic H.E.R. It was when RiRi posted a video of herself vibing out to H.E.R.’s “Focus” cut that millions who weren’t yet hip were put on to the track and artist. It looks like that valuable shout out wasn’t the only reward to come of Rihanna’s fandom and in a recent interview, lead singer Gabi Wilson has revealed that there are some “secret projects” with the bad gal on the horizon.

“That was insane,” she noted of the clip during her sit-down with Malcolm Music. “I was jumping up and down and I never do that. I was super excited.”

When the interviewer asked her if Rih ever hit her DMs to see about cooking something up, the answer was in the affirmative much to our pleasure.

“We’ve got some secret projects coming up,” she confirmed. She went on to add, “something like that” when asked for clarification on whether or not these projects were in fact musical collaborations.

Most recently, H.E.R. dropped off the Vol. 2 edition of the self-titled H.E.R. project, wrapped up a North American Lights Out headlining tour last year and delivered on a new music video for the “Focus” track in question just last week. While we anxiously await that Rihanna pairing, we may get to look forward to other guest appearances as Wilson also expressed her desire to work with the likes of Miguel and Tinashe in the future.

Watch the full discussion below and skip ahead to the 8:12-marker to catch the Rihanna talk.