Romance rumors regarding H.E.R. and Skip Marley have been mulling around since last year. The pair of exceptional singers joined together on "Slow Down," a single featured on his Higher Place project. The chemistry on-screen caused a buzz among fans but the pair have dodged questions of if their professional relationship had turned personal. 

Marley, the grandson of icon Bob Marley, has been establishing his own career and sound that speaks to him as an individual as he continues the family legacy. The young stars have kept out scandals and controversies, so it wasn't surprising that H.E.R. was straightforward with her answer when asked about her relationship with Marley.

H.E.R., Skip Marley, The Morning Hustle, Slow Down
Aaron J. Thornton / Stringer / Getty Images

H.E.R. recently chatted with The Morning Hustle about her accomplishments and projects, but the Marley topic couldn't be avoided. "What's crazy is we didn't work in the studio together," said H.E.R. of their collaboration. "I fell in love with the song and we finally met and, yeah, it was a vibe. Skip, I love Skip. Like, that's definitely somebody I can chill with and be cool with. Skip is one of those guys, he super talented and super chill. It's never on some extra stuff."

"We're just...we good. We cool," the singer added. Check out H.E.R.'s interview with The Morning Hustle below.