Netflix has taken over the way we indulge in our favourite shows and movies more than any other streaming service out there. With its original series and first ever confirmed sequel for a movie - Will Smith's Bright - there's no denying that it's taking over the industry in a big way. 

After Netflix revealed data that said 2017 saw its users stream one billion hours of programming a week, the team over at HighSpeedInternet  used its findings on Google Trends to determine which states favoured certain Netflix shows more. Orange Is the New Black takes the top spot as the most popular series in 15 states. In second place is American Vandal that is favoured by 5 states. 

Here's a list of states and their fav Netflix shows.

Delaware — Big Mouth
Hawaii — Black Mirror
Idaho — Travelers
Maryland — The Keepers
Michigan — The Confession Tapes
Missouri — Ozark
New Mexico — Riverdale

North Dakota — A Series of Unfortunate Events
Pennsylvania — The OA
Rhode Island — GLOW
South Dakota — Fuller House
Utah — Stranger Things
Vermont — Dear White People
Virginia — Narcos

Peep the infographic below to get a better idea. 


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