There's no more typical way to start a New Years party than an argument over music tastes. Is there any worse way to begin a new 365 than to have your best friend's new girlfriend change the song you chose 45 seconds into the track? Absolutely not. To alleviate such an issue, we come bearing the gift of a foolproof New Years Eve playlist to satisfy the needs of you, your partner, and all of your friends.

Looking to the past and sensing the present, "here come 2017!!! o shit waddup!" has a perfect mix of the right hip-hop vibes to sail the ship of your squad safely into the new year. Featuring Drake's "Controlla" followed by Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me," Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" coupled with "Bad & Boujee," and a flawless transition of Dr. Dre into Kamaiyah, this playlist will claim hip-hop heads and casual radio listeners alike. Hip-Hop artists today are unflinching in claiming the past as their inspiration (with the exception of Lil Yachty), so your New Years Party should reflect that.

Check out our"here come 2017!!! o shit waddup!" playlist below, and let us know what you think when 2016 is over.