Between their countless poolside #Baecation shots, choreographed dance moves and PDA-packed romance, actress Gabrielle Union and NBA star Dwyane Wade have undoubtedly set the gold standard of Instagram #CoupleGoals. Doing the most to flex the highlights of their marriage on each of their feeds, it's clearly evident that the Think Like a Man star and her point guard hubby are dedicated to moving past the "break baby" scandal that clouded the early days of their 2014 marriage. 

"Celebrity relationships [are] very hard," Wade admitted while discussing his temporary split from Union during a September 13 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. "This was a big year for us and our relationship from the standpoint of she was shooting her show Being Mary Jane, going most of the year. I was dealing with my injuries, trying to win a championship, so we kinda took a step back."

"We supported each other, but at the end of the day we came back together and [said], 'Listen, we want to continue this, we want to continue to try to get better each day,' and she's been with me, and I've been with her all summer long. We're going strong now," continued the 12-time NBA All-Star. 

Now finally recovered from the fallout of Wade's "break baby," Union opened up to Complex about the intense effort behind each and every #RelationshipGoals Instagram upload. 

"People are like ‘goals’; me and D are like, ‘wtf?’ We’ve kind of figured it out now, but I guess maybe we should tweet live from couples’ therapy. And when you ask us we’re gonna tell you, there’s a process to happy," said the Breaking Instar, admitting that they have to put in the work IRL to show off their picture-perfect love story. 

Curious to see what love looks like after a breakup, a headline-making scandal, and a wedding? Look no further than Union and Wade's Instagram feeds bursting with #CoupleGoals. 

Happy Anniversary 

To mark their fourth anniversary as man and wife, Union hopped on Instagram to deliver a touching video highlighting her adoration for her man. 

Living Their Best Lives 

Clearly, Wade and Union still know how to let loose and have fun while living their best life together.  

Ride Or Die 

Wade has no shame in letting his millions of Instagram followers know that he's ready to hold Union down throughout the good, the bad...and everything else life throws their way.  

Issa Snack 

"When she looks so damn sexy you can't even wait til y'all get home," captioned Wade alongside a photo of Union in a plunging, low-cut top.


Judging from this snap, it's clear that Wade and Union's marital bliss is far from forced. 

Go Best Friend 

On National Best Friend's Day 2017, Union made sure to drop an Instagram shout out in honor of her better half. 


According to Wade, he stands an inch taller when walking next to his wife. 


"I have to give my #WCW some love publicly... I have one of the most beautiful women in the world and i never want to take that for granted but thats not why shes my rock," wrote Wade, giving a public shoutout to his beau. "Her endless love and fierce love for our family is amazing. Thank you for loving the boys like your own.. they have no idea yet how lucky they are to have you as their stepmother and for fighting for our family everyday beyond limits and getting uncomfortable for us."

Man Crush Everyday 

Nothing says #CoupleGoals like posing together with a rose, eager to celebrate another year as man and wife. 


Without a doubt, Wade and Union's authentic vacation selfies blow overly-posed, heavily-filtered beach pics out of the water every single time.