If you're a basketball fan, you probably love the chase down block. LeBron James is known for being a master at them and even won an NBA title thanks to a similar play. It's exciting when a player who has a clear chance at a layup gets denied so eloquently. 

During this college basketball game, Blaise Meredith, a player for North Central College made a great play to stuff his opponent. It was a beautiful defensive play but there was just one problem. While jumping to swat the ball away, Meredith got a little too much height and went headfirst right into the backboard.

Luckily the player was okay but the sight of the play was definitely scary. The player laid on the ground for a while before shaking himself off and getting back into the game, according to Uproxx. Making the scene even scarier was the sound the player's head made when it hit the backboard.

The crowd seemed concerned for the player when the incident occurred but they all gave him a hefty round of applause once he got back up and went back into the game.