It has been an admittedly trying week for Hillary Clinton. She has recently grabbed headlines for recent comments concerning her husband Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. In an interview with CBS, Hillary was asked whether she believed Bill should have been impeached because of his affair. She responded, "Absolutely not." When the interviewer proceeded to ask Hillary if her husband's relationship with Lewinsky might've been an abuse of power she responded, "No, no."

Later in the interview, it appears as if that Hillary was attempting to deflect the probe into her husband's tryst with Lewinsky who was an intern at the time. She diverts the subject by posing the question of why such investigations are being made into allegations of sexual assault made against Donald Trump. Naturally, a large amount of backlash followed the interviews premiere with many questioning Hillary's reasoning. 

It seems that last night, Hillary and the entourage that she was traveling with were in involved in a minor accident on their way to a fundraiser. Footage of the crash shows the SUV carrying Hillary colliding into a garage pillar. Moments after the crash occurs, Hillary was captured exiting the vehicle seemingly unharmed. The Secret Service confirmed to TMZ that there were no injuries reported and neither the drivers nor any of the passengers were hurt. Nonetheless. Jersey City police are expected to investigate the incident.