Ah, competition and conflict. How bittersweet it is, for where would Hip-Hop be without it? 

Since the birth of our beloved genre, beef has long served as one of the pillars pushing Hip-Hop's relevance forward, responsible for the creation of some of history's most memorable tracks, and at times, leading toward the inevitability of music's most terrible tragedies. 

At one point in time, beef was a signal towards a definitive era in an artist's career. Disputes outside of the booth meant the impending birth of heat from within it. But, as trivial as it may seem, this year in Hip-Hop beef served as yet another indication toward rap's changing landscape, as clashes found themselves archived in social media posts rather than artists' catalogs. Twitter fingers were plentiful and, unfortunately for purists, diss tracks were sparse. Internet spats have popped up so frequently that it's getting hard to tell what to take seriously. But, it certainly didn't stop us from looking. 

This year, we were witness to beefs that range from nearly turning deadly to downright ridiculous. In the age of the internet, especially, miscommunications quickly transformed themselves into full-on battles, enthusiasts and aficionados found themselves picking sides more than ever, and comical antagonists found themselves crafting a platform no one knew could actually exist.  

Nonetheless, rivalries in rap remain ubiquitous and, sometimes reach over-bearing limits.  2017 was certainly host to some iconic squabbles, and for the sake of the culture, we at HNHH have tried our best at putting them all together for you. 

Scroll through the year of 2017 in beef.