44 years ago, Hip-Hop was born, and the world changed for the better. While you clearly wouldn't be reading this website if you didn't love hip-hop music and culture, there's no denying that every fan has an different knowledge level when it comes to history. And with so many artists, labels, and songs having made in imprint over the years, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. But not you. Maybe you consider yourself something of a genre connoisseur, capable of remembering even the most seemingly mundane bit of hip-hop trivia.

In honor of the milestone, why not take a stab at our Hip-Hop History quiz? 

Whether you came up in the eighties (or earlier), nineties, or even the two-thousands, everyone has a different batch of hip-hop memories. Some you surely lived through, while others remain legends cemented in hip-hop lore. How about you put your knowledge to the test, and see how you fare. 

And remember, there's no honor in cheating. Have fun, and enjoy the quiz!

Cover photo by Des Willie.