Morehouse College, the United States' only historically black all male school, located in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced its intent to begin admitting transgender students who identitfy as men in 2020.

In a new press release authored by the school, the policy will be known as the Gender Identity Admissions and Matriculation Policy, and will apply to all students enrolling in the prestigious institution by the Fall 2020 semester. The new policy follows closely behind the decision made by Spelman College, Morehouse's sister school, to admit transgender students who identify as women back in 2017.

"In a rapidly changing world that includes a better understanding of gender identity, we're proud to expand our admissions policy to consider trans men who want to be part of an institution that has produced some of the greatest leaders in social justice, politics, business, and the arts for more than 150 years," said Terrance Dixon, Morehouse vice president for enrollment management. "The ratification of this policy affirms the College's commitment to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service."
The policy does come with a few stipulations, requiring that all students admitted under the policy continue to self-identify as men throughout their education at Morehouse. Should any man, transgender or not, transition into a woman, they will no longer be able to enroll at the college, but are eligible to file a formal complaint to make their case if they disagree with any decision made about their enrollment status. In addition, trans women, just as any other individual who identifies as a woman, will not be considered for admission. The school does clarify that any student who already identifies as a trans woman prior to 2020 will be eligible to graduate in 2020.
Morehouse College is well-known for a list of famous alumni that include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson and Metro Boomin among many others. It follows suit with a host of other notable historically black colleges and universities across the country that have adopted nondiscrimination policies to their enrollment policies including Tuskegee University, Florida A&M university, Howard University, Southern University, and North Carolina Central University.