When it rains, it pours, and Hitmaka is feeling the weather turn on him. Just yesterday (June 16), we reported on Soulja Boy unleashing a hail of insults toward Hitmaka, formerly known as Yung Berg. Soulja accused the mega-producer of not actually making his beats, and now SprngBrk, formerly known as A1 Bentley, has co-signed the allegation with a story of his own.

 "Yo Hitmaka, I wasn't even gon' say nothin' but I seen your comment under The Shade Room because I laughed at what Soulja Boy was saying to you," he began. "You gon' say I'm ten million dollars behind and need to catch up. Bro, first of all, you don't have ten million dollars."

"Second of all, you're not a real producer. Third of all, you're not a real writer. I could keep going on. Bro, you don't make beats. You just get like OG Parker and Smash David and all these ****," SprngBrk continued. "You collab with them, they make the beats, you put your tag on it. You do make the plays, I give you that. You make the plays. You don't make the beats. You don't write the records."

After airing Hitmaka, SprngBrk added that he and another artist were robbed because of him. "I'm tired of like, chillin' and keeping cool," he said. "Today was the day, when you commented back being a smartass. I seen you on The Breakfast Club some months ago, talking that sh*t." Charlamagne Tha God apparently asked Hitmaka why there was a fallout with SprngBrk and Berg said that his former partner was "trying to stage a robbery."

"What the f*ck I'mma do that for?" questioned the producer. "You're known for getting robbed. You have been getting robbed your whole career and beat the fck up. Everybody know this sh*t, and you have been running around, telling Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, that I set you up and I'm the reason that we got robbed."

"Bro, I don't got beefs with nobody. You the one got us robbed." Check out the story in full, including SprngBrk claiming that the 2018 robbery was because Hitmaka made shady moves in Miami.