His episode of Drink Champs was full of gems as Hitmaka took a walk down memory lane with Noreaga and his crew, but it was the producer's stories of his sexual exploits that landed him in hot water. During the chat, Hitmaka shared tales of engaging in sexual acts with women like Teairra Mari and Naturi Naughton, and later, some people like the hosts of Fox Soul's Cocktails with Queens, suggested that he must not have much sex if he talks about it as if it is an accomplishment. Hitmaka addressed his controversy while speaking with Angela Yee's Lip Service and expressed regret over how he handled the Drink Champs conversation.

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Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

"See, after I did, I don't know if y'all was in tune or whatever, I went Live with Fat JoeI literally hit N.O.R.E. and was like, "Yo, I don't want this out," said Hitmaka. "Please edit it. I will pay for whatever would go on. But the interview, however [much] it cost or whatever, I'll take care of it. I felt bad about the fact, you know what I'm saying, after the fact. But I mean, it is my truth, but I didn't want it to come out like that."

Hitmaka added that he was aware that it was going to be edited "to make it like, a thing like that" and once again stressed that he asked production not to include his remarks. "They did it anyway." Angela Yee wanted to know if he felt remorse about his comments. "Of course, after the fact," Hitmaka answered. However, he repeated that "it is my truth." 

"I think it could have been a little more tasteful than it was but Drink Champs, you already know what they did." Watch Hitmaka chat with the ladies of Angela Yee's Lip Service below.