Back in 2019, HNHH and TuneCore came together for the "Heat Seekers" contest which saw numerous up and coming artists get featured on our website over the course of 11 weeks. This contest became immensely popular amongst our readers as it exposed them to various new artists they otherwise wouldn't have been privy to. The initiative gave many deserving artists a platform to get heard, with one artist receiving the experience of a lifetime, in the form of a recording session at the HNHH studio. The session was even led by a famous producer, making the experience that much more valuable. In 2020, HNHH and TuneCore have picked up from where we left off, except this time around the "Heat Seekers" contest featured 12 artists over the course of 12 months. 

This month, HNHH and TuneCore are delighted to present the twelfth and final winner of this year's "Heat Seekers" contest, BTG Ent. The artist group, which is comprised of Mektro, TMSelect & Tristen J., hails from Long Island, New York. Also known as Behind The Generator, they got their start in 2017 by DJing at parties upstate, throwing their own events and building a name for themselves locally. Mektro has earned placements with Casanova, Curly J, and others. TMSelect has netted over 500,000 total SoundCloud plays. Clearly, there's something to get behind with BTG Ent.

Check out their question-and-answer session below to get a feel for what they're all about and browse their music in the playlist included.

Where are you from? How has your home influenced your sound/style?

We’re from Long Island, NY. Our home has definitely influenced our sound/style because we always try to incorporate some sort of melodic element or island element to keep it close to home. Long Island summers is where our sound stems from as we got a start to our music career DJing on the water.

Describe your sound in three words.

Our music would be best described as melodic, energetic and distinctive. 

How old are you? Does age matter to music?

We are both 23, and we believe age only matters when you aren’t willing to keep up with current trends and push boundaries. 

What's the last album you listened to? 

The last album we listened to was Pi'erre Bourne x Chavo - WYFW.

Name your top 3 biggest influences.

Our 3 biggest influences are Pi'erre Bourne, Roy Lenzo & Drama Relax (Johnny Drama).

Name your dream collaboration.

Dream collab is Drake (who's isn't lol).

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If we could listen to one album it would be 88GLAM's debut album. 

What's your favorite hip-hop sub-genre at the moment?

Our favorite hip hop sub-genre at the moment is hyper pop. 

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