In today's musical climate, owning your masters has become an increasingly valued goal. The idea that record executives should hold the majority share in an artist's creation, and thus see the bulk of the profits, has plagued creatives for decades. Yet alternatives exist, and they're more accessible than ever. Look at Chance The Rapper, who made a thriving career for himself through his own involvement with TuneCore. Likewise did Russ, who recently made the transition, and has since earned another platinum plaque - thanks to TuneCore, the entire bag is his to own. 

Independent artists should take solace in a simple fact. It's easier than ever to own your own masters and keep all the profits, thanks to platforms like TuneCore. Should you be unfamiliar, TuneCore acts as a digital distributor, allowing artists to upload their own music onto all the major streaming options - Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal - and more.

The idea that more independent artists can own their masters so easily is a notion we can, and will, stand behind. That’s why we're pleased to announce that we've partnered with TuneCore to bring out our official "Heat Seekers" playlist, which will showcase some of TuneCore's best emerging voices. The playlist (updated weekly) will put a slew of TuneCore artists in the spotlight, and anyone interested in securing a spot need only apply. All you need to do is release your first single or album with TuneCore to participate, by heading right over here

Not only will artists who submit have a chance at making the "Heat Seekers" playlist every week, but one lucky participant will take home a grand prize. The selected artist will be treated to a studio session with one of the game's hottest producers at the HNHH studio, with the entire experience being filmed and shared on our homepage in June.

The only step is to distribute your first project with TuneCore right here! Submit now, and you'll be eligible for the first batch of playlist additions to be posted on HNHH next week. We look forward to hearing what you've got. 

About TuneCore

Many independent artists wonder how to get their music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and other stores. The reality is, you don’t have to be signed to a major label – all you need is a digital distributor.

We recommend using industry leader TuneCore if you’re looking for a trustworthy and transparent service. For an affordable fee, TuneCore will host your album or single on all the major stores and streaming platforms. You get to keep all your rights and 100% of the sales revenue.