HNHH YouTube reached 25,000 subscribers last week and have started giving away prizes for their 100K YouTube Giveaway.  Don't forget that HNHH YouTube will also give away $10,000 if it reaches 100K Subscribers by this June. To enter, see the contest link below. 

The amount of prizes will increase as the number of subscribers hits 50K, 75K and 100K.  Shoutout to prize sponsors Munitio, Casetagram x Snoop Lion Reincarnated and "The Million Dollar Afro Tour"! 


Song Winners:
Nerd Nerd
Greg Rose' Mo L 

Mixtape Winners:
Thaddeus Carmichael 
Carter Brown

Music Video Winners (selected at random via HNHH YouTube):
Rob Roots (Flow 187)

Clothing Winner:
Carrie Xiong 

Concert Ticket Winners:
April Mesa Muth
Henry Dubar
Jennifer Foster  
Louis H Uffmire 

Gear Winners:
Zmokin Musicq
Prince Adeshina

Winners will be contacted via their Facebook and/or email.  If the prize winners do not respond within 72 Hours, another prize winner will take their place.

**TIP: Some of the above winners commented over 50 times, vastly increasing their odds to win when we picked winners at random.

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