2013 wasn't just a good year for music, we also saw some great and memorable album covers. Artwork is an important aspect of any project, as art will likely draw a listener in off first glance and can also give you an idea of what's to come-- themes can often be represented in the art, but then again, sometimes art is drawn up for pure jokes-- both instances are seen in this countdown.

As hip-hop progresses, so does the album cover. The days of an artist simply posing are long gone for the most part. 2013 definitely saw some dope album covers and so it was hard narrowing down HNHH's favorite ten. Major releases like 2 ChainzB.O.A.T.S. II: #METime, Pusha T's MNIMN and Kanye West's Yeezus, for example, are neglected on this list. While those three each had minimalist art most, likely reared by Kanye, (in the case of Yeezus there was really no art to consider at all), they didn't exactly overwhelm us with creativity and artistry. They were nice in their simplicity, but we've opted for projects that are more left-field, some are detailed and intricate, some are more basic, but they all contain an aspect that make them completely original-- and in most cases, the artwork itself made some noise when it was released.

Click through to see each project art, counting down from #10 to #1. Let us know your thoughts and personal choices in the comments below. Enjoy.