We spoke to the pint-sized rapper Honey Cocaine on the set of Dizzy Wright's "Fashion" video shoot, and although the femcee is small, she's not letting that deter her from making a mark in the rap game.

Honey Cocaine is affiliated with Tyga's Last Kings label, although she's fielding offers from major labels already. As she says, it's not a race, and she's planning to think every thing over carefully.

"I'm an unsigned artist, but this year I've been offered a lot of different deals for all sorts of things. I'm just tryna figure out whether or not I wanna continue independent. I feel like if I get the right deal, if I can negotiate, which I'm doing right now, into a deal that's fair for me..because, I build my own value, I have a really dope fanbase," she continued, "It's not a race. As long as I continue working then the right things will be offered to me."

Honey Cocaine also shares her plans for her 21st birthday, which include hitting up Las Vegas. She also touches on obstacles she faces as a female in a male-dominated industry-- however, it sounds like she doesn't let anything stand in her way. "There's no struggles unless you create them for yourself," she says.

Watch the full interview with the Toronto native below.