HoneyKomb Brazy remains in the news due to a steady stream of legal-facing issues. The latest one stems from the release of the Alabama rapper's music video for his single "Dead People," featuring J. Prince. He is being accused of violating his parole with the music video, for illegal gun possession, as well as possession of marijuana. 

HoneyKomb Brazy appeared in court on Wednesday, June 16th to answer to the charges brought against him, and he plead not guilty. He was first arrested in May on an outstanding warrant related to parole violations that stemmed from a shootout between his group and a rival group. There's allegedly video evidence that shows Brazy brandishing a gun and shooting at a competitor crew in front of a Montgomery barbershop, while the rapper's grandparents' tragic death earlier this year also appears to have stemmed from some sort of rival shooting.

As far as the latest parole violation accusations, on top of using music videos as evidence, prosecutors also showed social media images of the rapper with what appeared to be guns. Nonetheless, HoneyKomb's stepmother and business manager testified that the weapons were props, and thus was the defense. The music video producer, Reshad McCall, validated Brazy's stepmother's testimony as well.

"We prop everything. … We’re strict on that. We control everything, I personally ordered them. I’ve got receipts for them," he added to her story.

The rapper's attorney, Jeff Deen, also spoke to Fox10News following the court hearing, stating, "It comes with the industry. It’s shocking to some of us, but that’s how they make their money. And it’s a very lucrative market, and this young man has a lot of talent. He’s a go-getter."

The judge has yet to rule on revoking HoneyKomb Brazy's probation.

Check out the music video for the record in question below. We'll keep you posted on HoneyKomb Brazy's case.