While Hooter's is notoriously known for its shameless display of women and breasts, the restaurant chain hopes to acquire new customers with its just-announced delivery service. While the eatery is not particularly known for its culinary creations, executives within the franchise hope to alter the public's pre-conceived notion of the chain by allowing them to indulge in their menu without being bombarded by bosoms. 

Speaking with The New York Post, Chief Executive Terry Marks notes how "many people wouldn’t step foot in our restaurants, but they want our product." Marks is convinced that "delivery [solves] the polarizing issue the brand has had," as most people may be a little hesitant to actually enter the restaurant because of its hyper-sexualized image, and the types of crowds these establishments usually attract. 

It has been noted that Hooter's delivery service has grown by more than 30 percent over the past year, as 96 locations have now adopted their latest business plan to satisfy a more diverse clientele. 

The restaurant relies primarily on third party services in order to carry out their deliveries, utilizing companies like the ever-popular UberEats, DoorDash and Grubhub-Seamless to distribute their orders; however, the women whose breasts have significantly contributed to Hooter's legacy will not actually perform the deliveries. 

Hooter's will also be revamping its menu to include new items, while also altering the restaurants' dim interiors to include glazed exteriors in an effort to make their locations seem more appealing and inviting.