Mixtapes are a staple within the hip-hop genre, and as the genre continues to evolve with the advances of technology (aka the internet), so are mixtapes. Rappers are constantly trying to outdo each other in the mixtape game, whether it be creating completely original projects, unique concepts or joint efforts, and roll-outs to intrigue fans. Mixtapes often serve as a great introductions to a rapper you might not have heard before, and if the mixtape is done well, it'll receive just as much play as an album might-- in fact, these days you'll need an album-quality mixtape just to get your foot in the door.

In 2013 several projects fell within those lines, with Chance's Acid Rap broadening his fan-base and at the same time offering new opportunities for the rising rapper, like working with Lil Wayne. We saw Nipsey Hussle's unique marketing plan for his Crenshaw mixtape, proving just how loyal the Nipsey fans are. Migos' Y.R.N. may have been looked over if it wasn't for Drake hopping on "Versace," thus shining new light on their mixtape. Those are just a few of the mixtapes that made waves in the internet in 2013. 

The 15 Hottest Mixtapes Of 2013 are named as such because they not only received an enormous amount of downloads, but delivered quality music to satisfied fans, and had plenty of buzz upon their release.