Music videos have always been an integral part of hip-hop. Whether it’s shots of the neighborhoods that birthed some of the world’s biggest stars, or the spoils that come with commercial victories, the visuals are a crucial component to solidifying artistic expression.

Like a good soundtrack does for a movie, these videos helped make 2014’s hottest songs even more memorable. From Action Bronson, who made a mini western flick, to Kendrick Lamar, who brought the spirit of the '70s into the modern era, and even Bobby Shmurda, who reemphasized the fact that you don't have to have a big budget for people to pay attention to you. As expected, A$AP Rocky brought out the best in fashion while still catering to his comrades from his pre-fame neighborhood. 

In recent years, hip-hop videos have often been limited to club scenes and showing off in cars (in most cases that the artist had to rent or borrow for the video), but this year, many of the genre's biggest names got away from that trend. Oh, and once again, Beyonce hit us with something we couldn't have expected. 

Note: This list is presented in no specific order.