Yesterday we kicked off our month of the Hottest of 2013 with the Most Searched Artists On HNHH. That's just the beginning though, as you can expect a lot more from us within the coming weeks, leading up to the New Year.

To give you guys an idea of what to expect and to drum up some excitement, we're gunna give you a break-down of what we're dropping and when. See the full list below.

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Most Searched Artists on HNHH of 2013- DECEMBER 3

Hottest Music Videos of 2013-  DECEMBER 14

Top Beefs of 2013-  DECEMBER 16

Sexiest Videos Of 2013- DECEMBER 18

Hottest R&B Projects of 2013-DECEMBER 20

Hottest Verses of 2013- DECEMBER 21

Best Album Covers of 2013- DECEMBER 23

Top News Stories of 2013- DECEMBER 24

Breakthrough Artists of 2013- DECEMBER 27

Hottest Singles of 2013-  DECEMBER 28

Disappointing Projects of 2013- DECEMBER 29

Hottest Mixtapes of 2013- DECEMBER 30

Hottest Albums of 2013-  DECEMBER 31

Funniest Trolls on HNHH of 2013- JANUARY 1