As one of the most anticipated segments of the #HOTNEW14 end-of-year rollout, HNHH is pleased to present our top 50 songs of the year. As always, you're gonna have to do some scrolling to find out the #1 hottest record. Whatever your thoughts on 2014's hip-hop landscape, there was a lot going on and a lot to keep track of. Rappers started singing and singers started rapping. There were winners and losers. The ever-changing landscape of the digital music industry, as well as contentious label politics, meant less albums, but more EPs, mixtapes, and free releases. Bi-coastal collaborations were rampant, but no place could match the body of work that came out of Atlanta. This year particularly, a select few producers were responsible for shifting the sounds of the genre, and we hope to give them their proper due in the upcoming mentions (if not already with our Hottest Instrumentals list). Plenty of drama, plenty of excitement, plenty of records that we'll remember for years to come. While many of the tracks you'll find here were clear-cut reader favorites, hip-hop, and its feuding fanbases, is such that everybody can't be happy--as always, our comments section is open. Now, before we roll out the winners, let's get warmed up with some records that barely missed the cut, but deserve a shoutout nonetheless.