The idea of a viral video is something music industry marketers dream of. Unfortunately, not everything goes viral. It takes a rare combination of things that professors get paid thousands a year to teach. Shit, they get tenure. So until we get that, we’re not giving you the science behind it. 

That being said, there were a ton of great viral videos in hip-hop this year. From Bobby Shmurda's "Shmoney Dance" taking over Vine, to another Vine-made star OG Maco, hip-hop has been a key source for viral videos over the last two years. Some things go viral however unintentionally, while others may be extremely calculated-- however we may never know. We decided to rate the definitive list of 10 hottest viral video, meaning, they had the biggest impact, were the most popular, etc. Mind you, we stuck to hip-hop-related material… so please don’t say the "'POP, hold it down' chick was missing." If you want that one, you can just watch it below.