"Here's the thing. Whatever Frances told you the last five years? Don't believe a word of it," states a defiant Claire Underwood in the final House of Cards trailer. Netflix's first original series is drawing to a close this Fall, and fans have been promised an epic finale. Kevin Spacey was infamously dropped by Netflix after several accusers claim that the actor made sexual advances on them. Spacey played Frank Underwood, the president of America, but he has been killed off to make way for his wife, Claire. 

Played by Robin Wright, Claire is the new boss in town. "The reign of the middle-aged white man is over," hisses Claire at an enemy. A quick glance at the trailer will have your head spinning, as clips fly by at an alarming rate. Politicians wrestle to regain control, Claire reminds an angry businessman that she has no obligation to hold up her dead husband's promises, and old acquaintances reunite. One scene highlights Claire grieving over her husband with make-up stained tears running down her cheeks. Suddenly, she looks up at the camera malevolently, hinting that she may not be in mourning after all. 

House of Cards' final season hits Netflix on November 2.