One man is turning his house into an Astroworld display this holiday season. A Houston man reportedly named Frankie To-ong decided to pay homage to one of the city’s biggest star, Travis Scott, by making the Christmas lights on his house dance to the sound of his hit song “Sicko Mode” featuring Drake. You’ve probably seen Christmas lights that sync and flicker to the sound of particular jingle bells, but never on a Travis Scott song lol. The man even decided to add some words and lyrics to coordinate with the lights & song, including “Astroworld,” “Sicko Mode,” & “Light” being display on a LED board in the front yard.

Frankie To-ong is no stranger to doing this however. Last year, his house went viral with his light display tribute to Houston hip-hop classics like “Down South,” “25 Lighters,” and “Grillz” to name a few. He’s reportedly a former DJ and IT specialist who won't reveal the exact location of his house out of respect to his neighbors. 

Check out his lit Christmas display (below).