Many of the rappers that have stopped through lately to show us how they roll have used the rapper-favorite blunts, Backwoods. G Perico, however, is on a different vibe, opting instead to purchase a Fronto Leaf and cut it down from there. If he's in a pinch though, a Backwoods will do, but it's not his first blunt choice. 

We met up with the rising rapper, who recently delivered a new project All Blue, for a quick roll and smoke session. G Perico reveals he just back into smoking weed, and quit cigarettes (prayer hand emoji), so we obviously caught him at an opportune time. He shouts out his favorite strain, Girl Scout Cookies, during the sit-down. "This one of the strains that don't get me paranoid. I can smoke it, I'm not sleepy, I can still work," he says of the strain.

He proceeds to bid up the weed with his fingers, despite having a grinder at his disposal (his preference) and has no lack of tips when it comes to rolling a Fronto Leaf.

Take a look and heed his advice. What's your blunt and strain combination of choice?