Just a few days ago, Howard Stern apologized for his harsh backlash towards Wendy Williams from when he previously called her a "jealous bitch."

"That was me at my worst," he said. "I thought she was saying that I was a piece of shit and I sucked. But as [I hear it] now, I don't see it as an offense at all. If 'Hollywood' means that I've evolved in some way and the show has changed, then yeah, she hit the nail on the head." 

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While doing even more media rounds for his latest book Howard Stern Comes Again, Howard detailed one apology he wishes he could deliver, but unfortunately, the person is no longer with us. In his latest interview with Rolling Stone, Howard reflected on an interview he did with Robin Williams and how he bashed the actor when he visited his radio show, instead of lifting him up and explaining how much he loved him as an actor. 

"I also have a regret about Robin Williams that haunts me. I was so angry at the world. I love Robin Williams, and yet if he came into my studio, I had to act like I didn’t love him. I’d be, “Fuck you," Howard explained. 

He added: "I was a baby. I want every listener. I want everyone focused on me. You’re not going to be funnier than me. You’re not going to come into my studio and steal the moment from me. This is who I was. Rather than say to Robin Williams, “My God, you’re here,” and celebrate an amazing talent and the beauty of that guy’s career, he walks in and I start in, “Hey, you’re fucking your nanny.” Bam, sledgehammer. Sock him right in the fucking head. Asshole. Me, not him. And my audience is cheering me on because who does that? There’s a lunatic loose from the mental asylum."

Howard further explained how he had planned to give Robin a call and say sorry, but the actor took his life before he could. 

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