Hudson Mohawke has been a more behind-the-scenes figure when it comes to G.O.O.D. Music releases, but one would still assume he's getting his due credit (and pay), even if he's not releasing music front-and-center of the label.

Last night the producer unexpectedly put G.O.O.D.'s label head, Kanye West, on blast, for allegedly not getting credit for some of his work. The most inflammatory tweet has since been deleted, but a screenshot remains (below), where HudMo says, "Literally about to release a zip of Kanye and Drake songs I've done that I got 0 for"-- it remains unclear if he means "0" dollars or "0" credit.

From there, Hudson vented about the industry in general, and it seems, elicited a subtweet response from another producer Kanye has worked with, Mike Dean.

It seems doubtful we'll actually get that zip folder, as Hudson does not want to deal with the consequences. Check out all the tweets below.