Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been in fake beef with each other for years now. It cannot be emphasized enough that this beef is completely made-up: it is the exact opposite of "The Story of Adidon." They've gone back-and-forth on the internet with mock-seriousness, with an underlying motive: to promote each other. Hugh Jackman has even pulled other actors, like John Krasinski, in to the drama. 

The most recent jab in their faux-fight was thrown by Jackman, who posted a video to Twitter lampooning the former National Lampoon star while, at the same time, promoting his upcoming movie, Once Upon A Deadpool: "Ryan Reynolds may seem like an honest, hardworking movie star, husband and father. But, don't let the facts get in the way of the truth: he's been riding Hugh Jackman's coattails since 2009."

This tweet was actually based on one made by Reynolds not long ago, where he used the formula of a political attack ad to poke fun at his friend, who is being mentioned in award talks for his role in a movie, The Frontrunner, that documents a political campaign. He finishes the video by saying "definitely see The Frontrunner."