Not many children have a dream of becoming a Guinness Book of World Records holder, but Hugh Jackman was a different type of kid. As a child, Jackman tried various ways to get himself a title in the Guinness World Records. At 10-years-old he and his brother tried their luck with Most Coins Snatched Off the Elbow, but after unsuccessful attempts, they attempted Longest Marathon Playing Badminton, Singles. While he may not have achieved his goals as a young boy, Jackman finally realized his goals and received his Guinness Book of World Records award for Longest Career as a Live Action Superhero for his role as Wolverine. The actor was surprised by Guinness World Record Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday on ITV’s This Morning. 

Jackman shares his Guinness World Record title with his co-star Sir Patrick Stewart who plays the recurring role of Professor Charles Xavier. The two men both have Marvel superhero careers that have spanned 16 years, beginning their journies in 2000 in X-Men and most recently starring in 2017's Logan. Jackman was greeted on This Morning with confetti, a video message from Stewart, and three showgirls—an award ceremony fit for a king. Congrats to Wolverine and here's to another 16 years!