Hugh Jackman has been plagued with rumors about his sexuality for years. People have long theorized that the movie star is gay, with their statements not based in reality. All of this has been a topic of conversation in the tabloids, despite Jackman being happily married for 24 years. This week, his wife Deborra-lee Furness spoke about the rumors, joking about them and calling them "mean-spirited".

The 64-year-old actress and producer was on Anh Do's show when she was asked about Hugh's sexuality.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"I see these magazines and they're so mean-spirited… I hope people realise it's all made up," said Furness. "[Hugh's] been gay for so many years, I was gay too when I did [the 1988 film] Shame. They were shocked when I got married."

She went on to claim that, calling Hugh gay is like calling Elton John, an openly gay man, straight.

"It's just wrong," she added. "It's like someone saying to Elton John, Oh he's straight'. I'm sure he'd be pissed!"

During the same interview, Furness spoke about what it's like to be married to such a Hollywood heartthrob, touching on his Sexiest Man Alive honor in 2008. She joked that, upon hearing his new title, she went right up to him and gave him some chores to do.

"Hey sexy, your turn with the garbage," she laughed.