23-year-old Taiyo Masuda embarked on a GoPro-funded kayaking trip off the coast of New Zealand last week, and he inadvertently caught some hilarious footage. Kyle Mulinder was enjoying the kayaking trip with his buddy peacefully, when a seal jumped out of the water and smacked the life out of him with a live octopus. The moment was caught on camera perfectly, and the internet has elevated the footage to viral status.

“We were just sitting out in the middle of the ocean and then this huge male seal appeared with an octopus and he was thrashing him about for ages,” Mulinder told Yahoo7 News. “He thrashed it in mid fight and my face happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." Although it appears like the seal was purposefully smacking Mulinder silly, it was actually a typical move for the hungry animal. Seals enjoy snacking on octopuses, and the tentacles are their favorite part. Using their mouth, seals will grab and throw octopuses by their tentacles, ripping them off with the force of the throw. Then, the seal will slurp down the tentacle and continue the process until the octopus is left without any appendages. That's a rough way to die.