He gave us hits like "A Bay Bay" and "Halle Berry," but rapper Hurricane Chris is facing some serious charges. The 31-year-old artist has reportedly been arrested on charges of second-degree murder following a shooting that occurred at a Texaco gas station in the rapper's home state of Louisiana. We previously reported on the incident, stating that according to police, Hurricane Chris told them that he shot a man in self-defense after the person attempted to rob his vehicle. However, after reviewing surveillance footage, authorities reportedly claim the video doesn't support the rapper's story.

Later, Hurricane Chris posted bond and was released. He shared a video to social media stating that he is certain that his name will be cleared of any wrongdoing. “I’m sure you got the news by now. I was involved in a very unfortunate incident on Friday morning, a very unfortunate incident," Chris said in a video he posted to Instagram. "I wanna thank everybody who’s been praying for the family of the deceased and everybody who’s been praying for my family. After a good, thorough investigation, my name will be cleared. Let God work. Watch God work. God bless. Thank you.”

Check out Chris's video below.