Before Ian Connor became the focus of a huge controversy, he had been presented with the fashion opportunity of his life, as Kanye West decided to place the young model and designer at the helm of his thought-to-be-defunct fashion label Pastelle. The idea of Pastelle originated some time in the mid-'00s, though pieces of apparel never materialized until a few years later. An official fashion line was never released to the public, and the brand was discontinued in 2009 -- until now, that is. 

After previewing some potential Pastelle designs in March, Connor got back on his Instagram today to post a picture of the Pastelle logo in 3D -- shown in its traditional font but encrusted in diamonds. He's since revealed that the debut Pastelle collection will be unveiled on May 14. Much of the new line should be a product of Connor's vision; however, Kanye wasn't willing to completely let go of his first-ever brainchild in the fashion world -- as Connor has also revealed that Yeezy will be involved in the first Pastelle collection to see the light of day. 

It should be a marked shift from Kanye's work with adidas, though it's anyones idea as to what the initial apparel will look like. Stay tuned for further updates and start saving up before May 14.