It was complete madness earlier today in Paris, where group of noted hip-hop fashionistas had gathered to support Virgil Abloh, a crucial member of Kanye West's creative team, at the launch of his new book, which celebrates his fashion brand Off-White. Ian Connor, who's also a member of Kanye's inner-circle, was in attendance at today's book signing, and also present were two rappers who have now proven to be enemies of the 19-year-old model.

It all started when a video surfaced of a heated confrontation between Connor and London, the latter whom proceeded to go after the former on Twitter, calling Connor "a dirty fucking rapist." Then, two much more violent videos surfaced. One showed Connor walking up to London and, despite the resistance efforts of A$AP Rocky, punching him in the face. The shocking punch caused a hostile commotion to spread throughout the whole room, and much of the crowd was soon escorted out of the premises by security. 

Once outside, Connor quickly found himself as the target of A$AP Bari. Video shows Bari running up to Connor and connecting a on a punch to the side of his pace -- perhaps an even more violent one than the jab Connor gave to London. The warring parties seemingly separated soon thereafter, and London went back on Twitter to trash Connor, telling him that Kanye doesn't want him around anymore and alleging that he knows a woman who's intent on pinning yet another damning accusation against him. As you may know, Connor has been accused of rape by several different women

Connor, who's known to share his most honest opinions on Twitter, has finally responded to both London and Bari. He explains that he had "devoted his whole life to Bari" before the A$AP Mob co-founder began to get jealous. "Even When He Hated I Still Fed That N*gga," wrote Connor. He also shared a screenshot of a text conversation between him and Bari that supposedly provides proof that the two of them had planned to run train on a certain "porn bitch." 

As for London, Connor has hit him back with some serious allegations of his own, revealing that he has "physical proof" that the Chicago rapper has done heroin and that he's a "whole child molester." "I'mma Kill You Off With Facts As Opposed To Allegations," he wrote after making the horrific accusations. See the full series of tweets below.