Tommie Lee is currently facing some serious time in her child abuse case. The Love & Hip Hop star was arrested after showing up to her child's school unannounced, smacking her hands with a purse strap, dragging her to the hallway, slapping her and shoving her into a locker. After showing up drunk to court, she was placed behind bars once again and she's been in police custody since then. Tommie could potentially spend the next 54 years in prison if she's found guilty on all charges. This week, it was revealed that she's seeking treatment for mental health, which could seriously alter the way her case moves forward. Of course, Tommie hasn't been around to update her social media so her boyfriend, Ian Connor, decided to remind everyone of their close bond.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Neither Ian Connor nor Tommie Lee has a perfect track record. In fact, if you look at the things that they've been accused of, you might believe that they deserve each other. Connor posted a series of photos of them together, telling everyone just how much he misses his girl. "All Bullshit Aside, I Miss You," wrote the fashion influencer on Instagram. He responded to a fan who asked why he's never been featured on Tommie's page, saying that she's in jail so she can't really provide updates.

Do you think that Tommie will be handed down a long sentence?