In the summer, fashion stylist and influencer Ian Connor revealed that he would be spending the next twelve months behind bars on gun charges. Controversy has followed the designer everywhere he goes, tainting his success in the industry and ensuring that roadblocks continue to stand in his way. Given the fact that he's currently serving time in jail, the young man has not been too active on the news front. When he was visited by one of his friends, Connor asked if they could post a quick update for his fans, keeping them in the know and reminding them who's boss in a brand new photo.

Appearing on the phone from the Los Angeles County Jail, Ian Connor reasserted his status as the Sickö World Leader. His supporters were excited to see a new picture of the stylist, even though he's rocking a bandage on his forehead. Knowing him, the band-aid is probably just a fashion statement, proving to his fellow inmates that even with limited resources, he can still create trends. If it's not, we hope he didn't get into a fight.

Take a look at Ian Connor's new photo from jail below. He still has a few months to serve out his complete sentence so don't expect to see too much of him before next summer.