Actor Ian McShane spoke to Collider the other day with two exciting projects on the table": the much anticipated big screen debut of HBO's Deadwood, for which he plays fan favorite Ellis Alfred Swearengen. The second thing he sat down to discuss the premiere of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, after a year of buildup by the producorial staff and star Keanu Reaves, who to his credit kept his lips sealed for the most part.

Bobby Bank/GC Images/Getty Images

Ian McShane's press run coincides with the busy month that lay ahead in May. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum arrives in theatres on May 17, the Deadwood motion picture a mere two week's later on the 31st.

When it comes to the former (franchise) McShane understands his importance to the storyline, but won't openly commit to staying the course, with retirement looming in the horizon whenever he wants to take it. But rest assured, McShane is only speaking for himself in that regard. When it comes to Keanu and John Wick's overall longevity, he sees the fun lasting another decade or so.

"Probably in 10 years, John Wick would still be going," McShane said after the Collider asked him to predict the lasting outcome. "You never know, Keanu might be running the [Continental] hotel and everything by then." At this point, the conversation veered towards Keanu's character completely, with McShane implying that John Wick fans will learn a lot more about his backstory in the upcoming installment.